May 31, 2013

About Helen

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Helen coaches successful professionals in industries such as financial services, tech and consulting that are seeking to reach greater success and break through professional barriers. Helen believes that powerful communication is the root to all business and professional success and believes that every one of her clients has the ability to become a powerful influencer.

Helen’s clients are ambitious and highly successful Type A’s. Much like Olympic athletes use coaches to win medals, Helen’s clients partner with her to effectively compete in the business world. Among Helen’s clients is a:

  • hedge fund portfolio manager
  • private equity marketer
  • fixed income trader at a major investment bank.

Helen supports her clients in:

  • Having greater influence and impact over people they work with
  • Growing their business to produce record-breaking revenue numbers
  • Increasing their confidence and how they present themselves to investors, clients and management
  • Earning what they deserve
  • Making a seamless career transition to a more lucrative and fulfilling career

Helen brings 10 years of working as a Sales Professional on Wall Street and collaborating with leaders in trading, sales and asset management. Helen is most passionate about transforming her clients’ lives from the misery of dreading every work day to feeling energizing and empowered by their skill and work.

Helen has powerful relationships and friendships with top decision makers at many financial institutions ranging from Regional broker-dealers, hedge funds and Wealth Advisory firms such as Goldman Sachs,  JP Morgan, and Wells Fargo.

Her strong communication skills, positive attitude & determination allowed Helen to successfully overcome challenges and setbacks in this fast-paced & high-stress environment, reaching her career goals & “enjoying the ride” in the process.

Helen has been an executive coach for some of the members of  NYSSA (New York Society of Securities Analysts) as well as the executive coach for Financial Women’s Association Pacesetter program that coaches the highest achieving high-potential women from corporations such as BNP, Royal Bank of Canada and New York Life.

Helen has received her BS and MBA from New York University Stern School of Business and has graduated from an accredited coaching university.

Helen GETS the challenges of being a professional in a very competitive business world and wants to help businesses and professionals realized their best versions of themselves.