October 10, 2014


Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients:

What does a coach do?

Dayen Group does both business and career coaching. When working with businesses we focus on helping to grow revenues and/or capital. This typically includes establishing a brand identity, creating and executing a marketing plan, and strengthening communication and executive presence when dealing with stakeholders and clients. We work with individuals to help them accomplish their personal goals. Most of these goals include but are not limited to career transition, improving on communication or leadership.

What are the characteristics do you as business/career coach have that make you successful?

  • Good listening
  • Good at acknowledging your coachee
  • Inquisitive and compassionate
  • Understand business and have corporate experience

Why does a business owner need a business coach?

Since business owner don’t have a manager they may often feel that they don’t have a source of support, guidance and accountability. A business coach fills that void for a business owner. A coach is an unbiased party that can challenge, encourage, support and hold accountable the business owner. The coach has only one motivation – to help the business owner and no other conflict of interest exists.

What areas of support do most business owners need to address?

  • Brand Identity
  • Operational efficiency
  • Team building
  • Sales training
  • Leadership

How do you help business owners and corporate professionals address their opportunities for improvement?
We go through a thorough analysis of strengths, weakness, positives and negatives of current status of the business. The business owner establishes areas of improvement

In terms of providing coaching to a business owner or professional what areas, do they seem to be most resistant to your input?
Coaching is not about our input but about the client reaching clarity and direction in an area they are focusing on. Any resistance that exists would be during a time that the client feels uncomfortable or challenged. Usually during those times a client experiences a fundamental shift and reaches new level or clarity that leads to positive outcomes.

Is business/career coaching affordable and what is the ROI?
Business coaching is not cheap but worth every penny. ROI varies for every client. For example, business coaching that works on sales development and operational efficiency achieve immediate revenue gains and expenses decreases. Another example is for a corporate client that after coaching was able to successfully negotiate a higher salary or position.

If a business owner decides to hire a business coach how long before they see improvement in their business?
This is very client dependent. Since coaching focuses on the goals set by the client the pace is also dependent on the client. Many clients have clarity about an area after only 1 session and for others it may take 3 month to achieve the original goals set. Many clients will continue to work with us even when they achieve their original goals because challenges and new goals come up.

How can The Dayen Group help a client meet short, medium and long-term goals?
We help our client set goals, deadline, steps to accomplish these goals and holds them accountable. This strategy can be applied to goals of any duration. Through our coaching working we also identify any blocks and strategically clear them out. For long-term goals the coach helps keep the client stay true to the original plan/goal if the client starts to shift away or get distracted.

What should I look for when hiring a coach?
Referrals are the best way to find a coach. Expertise in an industry is also very helpful. As a business owner you don’t want to waste time explaining the industry but instead focus on achieving your goals.

Are their specific questions I should ask a coach before hiring them?
Ask for: Experience in your industry, success stories, what approach coach takes to understand the needs and goals of the client. Ask what kind of business and size of companies coach works with in the past. Ask what area of expertise is. Most coaches are focused on one area. For example a brand strategy coach won’t be your best bet if you are looking to improve operational efficiency.

What specific ways can a coach help my business?
Establish target market, brand identity, team building, sales training, leadership training, conflict resolution between partners, and operational efficiency.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges most of your clients face?
Prior to hiring us, they are alone. They have to do everything by themselves and often don’t have anyone to share their troubles, fears, as well as new ideas. It is so easy to get caught up ones own circular thought process and a coach can help get his client of this circular thought process and propel them.

How to you prefer to coach your clients one-on-one, conference calls, or through online methods.
We are happy to work with our clients however they prefer. This is a completely customized service