May 31, 2013


“As an analyst at high-pressure hedge fund I never took the opportunity to take a step back and analyze my career. I felt myself drifting and turned to Helen for help in evaluating my career priorities. Helen pushed me to isolate what I loved about the job and what I needed to change. She strongly challenged my views – permitting me to uncover the underlying ambitions that I had. It was an eye-opening experience and prepared me to seize my career (and my life) by the horns.”

~Dave – Hedge Fund Equity Research Analyst

“Helen is like the angel on your shoulder guiding you back to yourself and your goals.  She takes the time to listen and understand you, while challenging you to see beyond any perceived or real walls.  Managing one’s career can be overwhelming on your own and I feel grateful to have a partner dedicated to my success.”

~ Jennie, Financial Analyst, New York, NY)

“I felt trapped in my current role and was worried I wouldn’t be able to transition into something different. Helen was instrumental in helping me find out what I was really looking for in a career through several tools and exercises which helped narrow my focus and ignore non-priorities. Helen would rather help you figure out a problem than tell you the solution. I’m happy to report that I am currently in a new role which I’ve found to be much more in-line with what I was looking for. I owe a lot of this to Helen’s guidance, but she also taught me to be more confident about my own role in getting to this point.”
~Mike – Finance, New York

“Helen was very instrumental in helping me organize my job search and narrowing down my interests. Through her expertise she helped me designed efficient networking strategies. Her passion for helping others is a tremendous source of personal motivation and helped me restore self confidence in a transitional stage in my life. I have a great appreciation for her help as she guided me along the process and closely monitored my progress. Helen genuinely cared about my wellbeing professionally and personally. I would highly recommend Helen as a career coach as she is the best one I have seen so far.”

~Mary, Bank of America, New York, NY

“If you are someone who is thoughtful and strategic about your career, someone who has a mental 5 or 10-year game plan a career coach is really invaluable. I whole-heartedly recommend Helen as that career coach. Helen has a deep sense of personality and goals–she will help you tailor your goals into an actionable plan. Her real value for me personally was to hold me accountable for my short and long-term goals! As a freelancer, I juggle different types of projects and clients. Helen has pushed me to continue to excel and brought an insightful perspective to how I can maintain and continue to win new projects. I can say that I have gotten new clients because of Helen’s help. No matter your profession, Helen will work with you as you strive towards your goals, providing deep insights and fresh perspectives. That she is passionate about getting people to where they want to be in their career really comes through the very first time you speak with her. “

-Anna, freelance consultant and journalist, New York, NY


“Helen is so insightful and action oriented. She helped me identify where I want to go in my career, helped me determine an action-plan and more than anything she has helped me enjoy the process along the way! I look forward to our meetings every time because I know I will be filled with more confidence and positive thoughts.”

~Jen, VP of Marketing, New York, NY